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Sysmän Organic grain steak 150g


The grain patty ingredient is a ready-made mixture of dry ingredients to which water is added and fried into patties. For example, lingonberry jam, cheese or mushroom sauce, vegetable purees and salads are suitable side dishes for steaks. Grain patties can also be used for warm sandwiches and veggie burgers. Vegetarian steak with grains and herbs is also suitable for vegans.

luomuVEHNÄHIUTALE, luomuKAURAHIUTALE, luomuSPELTJAUHO, luomuKAURALESE, luomucamelinasiemen(ruistankio), luomuVEHNÄGLUTEENI, luomusipuli, luomuvalkosipuli, merisuola, luomupersilja, luomulipstikka, luomupurjosipuli.

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