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Siipiweikot Hot Wings Medium sauce 500g

The Medium sauce is the most popular Siipiweikot sauce. It has a rich, soft flavor with a delicate tinge of vinegar. In terms of heat, Medium is a mild sauce even though it has been rumored to get some eyes watering. Originally, the Medium sauce was designed for wings, but it can also be used on almost everything, from salads to shepherd’s pie – try it yourself. The only limitation is your imagination!

Rapeseed oil, fermented cayenne peppers, spirit vinegar, water, salt, hardened rapeseed oil, garlic powder, emulsifier (E322, E472c, E471), butter aroma.

Nutritional content (per 100 g)

Fat 45 g
- of which saturated 4.1 g
Carbohydrates 1.5 g
- of which sugars 1 g
Protein 0.4 g
Salt 5.6 g
Energy 420 kcal / 1726 kJ

Haugen-Gruppen Oy
Tiilitie 6B2 01720 Vantaa p.0103090700 www.haugen-gruppen.fi
Rapsiöljy, vesi, sokeri, punaviinietikka, tomaattisose 6 %, MUNANKELTUAISJAUHE, SINAPINSIEMENET 0,7 %, jodioitu suola, mausteet (mm. valkosipuli, chili, cayennepippuri), etikka, muunnettu maissitärkkelys, happo (sitruunahappo), sakeuttamisaine (ksantaanikumi), säilöntäaine (kaliumsorbaatti), väri (paprikauute), hapettumisenestoaine (E385).

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