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Rohje Reindeer leather bracelet, 14mm


By changing the bracelet, even an old watch gets a new look and a change in style. The unique 14mm wide Rohje reindeer leather strap fits not only the Rohje Artister watch but also other wristwatches of the same width.

The Rohje reindeer leather bracelet is:

  • Made in Tampere
  • Finnish handicraft
  • Organic manufacturing process

Rohje reindeer leather bracelets are handmade in Tampere, Finland, from reindeer skin from the Kemi-Tornio region. The Rohje bracelet is a soft but durable choice with a two-part steel buckle.

In our opinion, reindeer skin is the finest of the leather types due to its unique properties. It's like silk, very flowing, light and soft. At the same time, however, it is also strong and durable.

Efforts have been made to make the bracelet perfect. The stamp of craftsmanship is revealed in the details of the bracelet, and each bracelet is a unique individual. No plastic is used in the Rohje reindeer leather bracelet, but the bracelet is coated with natural beeswax.

A reindeer leather bracelet is an ethical choice

Reindeer are not bred for bracelets or leather. Reindeer farming in Finnish Lapland is people's livelihood for other reasons. Reindeer hide is a sustainably produced raw material that is always formed as a byproduct of reindeer husbandry.

The bracelet has quick locks for easy and quick changing of the bracelet, so the style of the watch can be changed quickly depending on the situation.

The reindeer leather bracelet has a limited one-year warranty.