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Rohje Adventurister White


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Adventurister White wristwatch

The word Adventurister is a combination of adventure and tourist. The Rohje Adventurister wristwatch is made for adventurers. Whether you're adventuring closer or further away, alone or together, in the city or in nature - it's right for you.

Rohje Adventurister got his inspiration from the North. The wristwatch is of Finnish design and the style and features of the watch are suitable for every adventurer. The Adventurister is also suitable for the most festive events due to its restrained appearance.

Carefully designed

We know that nowadays it is not necessary to carry a watch to see the time. Smart devices have been invented for that. In our opinion, a wristwatch is a great way to show your style and the values ​​you represent. Rohje Adventurister is a combination of Finnish design, quality and passion for adventures. With a reindeer leather strap made in Finland, it's a wristwatch that looks and feels good.

In the upper dial display of the wristwatch, there is a 24-hour clock with Moon and Sun symbols to tell about the origin of the watch in the northern hemisphere - even in Finland we live a nightless night in the summer and daylight saving time in the winter. Adventurister tells you whether it's night or day in every situation. Adventurister's features also include a dual time function, which makes traveling in different time zones easier. When traveling around the world, the dual time function allows you to check your home country's time in an instant, no matter what time zone the Adventurister is in.

  • Thanks to its restrained appearance, Rohje Adventurister is suitable for everyone, men and women. Always from nature to urban environment, party and everyday life.
  • The right size - the case diameter is 40 mm and the thickness of the watch is only 8.2 mm.
  • Made for adventures: light weight, durable materials, water resistance, dual time functionality
  • The watch's mechanism is ticked by a reliable and accurate Japanese Miyota quartz movement with a 24-hour clock and dual time function.
  • Body in brushed surgical stainless steel (316L)
  • The glass of the watch withstands even tougher adventures and is made of sapphire crystal glass. The glass is also anti-reflective
  • The watch is splash-proof (5 ATM), so it can also withstand wet adventures
  • The package contains a tool with which you can set the double time and easily change the bracelet

Rohje is derived from the Finnish word rohjeta. In life, you should be encouraged to seize opportunities and follow your own paths. Are you an Adventurister?

The watch and the mesh bracelet have a two-year limited warranty, and the reindeer skin products have a one-year limited warranty . In addition to this, we also offer a 100-day satisfaction guarantee for all products !

More detailed product information:

Diameter: 40 mm
Depth: 8.2 mm
Material: Brushed stainless surgical steel (316L)
Color: Dark gray
Mesh bracelet
Material: Stainless surgical steel
Width: 20 mm
Length: 190mm (80mm + 110mm)
Wrist circumference: 160 mm - 210 mm (with watch)
Reindeer leather bracelet
Material: Vegetable tanned Finnish reindeer skin
Width: 20 mm
Length: 190mm (75mm + 115mm)
Wrist circumference: 140 mm - 190 mm (with watch)
Machine type: Quartz movement
Manufacturer: Miyota (Japan)
Accuracy: +-20 sec/month
Functions: Calendar,
Day/Night indicator,
Dual time function
Additional information
Dial: Dark gray
Sages: Silver / Red
Watch glass: Sapphire crystal glass, with double-sided anti-reflection coating
Water resistance: Splash-proof, 5 ATM (50 m)