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Puttipaja dyed scented candle 10cm, Christmas


We have run out of stock for this item.

You will find delicious and fresh scents to create the atmosphere of your home in our fragrant scented candles.

Christmas has enchanted people with its scent for decades and thus has become one of Puttipaja's classic scents. The Christmas candle brings the most wonderful Christmas atmosphere to homes. The scent combines cinnamon, chocolate and a touch of coniferous wood. The Christmas scent is spicy, but sweet - everything that Christmas should be.

Already since 1976, all our candles have been made by hand. Our candle factory is located near Jyväskylä in Vaajakoski.

Translucent scented candle
Scent: Christmas
Color: Red
Composition: 95% paraffin, 5% stearin, 0.5% fragrance oil
Size: 7.3x10 cm
Candle burning time: ~45 hours