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Peliko: Star of Africa

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Star of Africa
Finland's most popular game of all time

Afrikan Tähti entered the game market already in 1951. It was created by only 18-year-old Kari Mannerla at the time.

In total, almost 3.5 million Star of Africa games have been sold in these 50 years, more than half of them in Finland.

The game has been published in more than ten languages - so others have also understood the Finnish adventure! In the domestic market, it has remained at the top of the sales statistics all these years.

Everyone who got to know the game in their childhood, grandparents, their children as current parents - want to pass on the tradition to their offspring. Perhaps precisely because Star of Africa combines all the qualities required of a good children's board game: Excitement, thinking, concentration,...

At the same time, it develops the child's motor skills and social skills. Who doesn't remember the bitterness when the robber took the money or the joy when they got the African Star jewel in Cairo or Tangier...

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