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Paulig Juhla Mocha Tosi Tumma filter ground coffee 450g


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Juhla Mokka Tosi Tumma coffee is a deep roasted filter coffee for dark coffee lovers. The strong and rich coffee has a berry flavor. 100% arabica coffee blend from the best coffee qualities of Central and South America and Africa. Juhla Mokka Tosi Tumma is especially good for drinking with milk, but dark coffee lovers will also like it on its own. Try it to brighten up the morning or enjoy it on the coffee table with succulent pastries, such as chocolate cake or plum toscapie pie. Roasting level 4.

• The UTZ certificate granted to the product ensures and verifies the responsible production method of coffee.
• Dark, full-bodied and strong-willed coffee for the Finnish taste
• Production by filter method or press pan
• Enjoy as a morning coffee with milk or with succulent pastries and cakes