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Oululainen Jälkiuuni Sea salt Rye chip 130g


The thin, crispy Oulu Jälkiuunilastu is suitable for eating on its own or with side dishes, e.g. for dipping or with cheese. The authentic and original taste comes from Oulu's own dough root and long baking in the gentle heat of the after-oven. After-oven chips are made in Finland from 100% domestic grain. There are three flavors: sea salt, chives and garlic. Oulu's Jälkiuunilastu can be found on the dry bread shelves in shops.

TÄYSJYVÄRUISJAUHO ja RUISMALLASJAUHO (65 %), HIIVALEIPÄVEHNÄJAUHO, rypsiöljy, vesi, jodioitu merisuola, hiiva. 77 % jälkiuunilastun viljasta on täysjyväruista. Voimakassuolainen.