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Nordqvist White 20x1.50g white flavored tea bag assortment


White tea from China has conquered its place in the hearts of tea drinkers. This assortment of four different flavors includes blueberry muffin, pear orchard, grapefruit-strawberry and grapefruit-aloe.

White Bear
Ingredients: white tea, cornflower, blueberry muffin aroma.

The White Elephant
Ingredients: white tea, apple, pear and grenadine aroma.

The White Dragon
Ingredients: white tea, grapefruit, strawberry and vanilla aroma.

White Tiger
Ingredients: white tea, grapefruit and aloe aroma.

Weight: 20 x 1.50g (30g)

5 x valkoinen karhu: valkoinen tee, ruiskukka, mustikkamuffinssiaromi. 5 x valkoinen elefantti: valkoinen tee, omena-, päärynä- ja grenadiiniaromi. 5 x valkoinen lohikäärme: valkoinen tee, greippi-, mansikka- ja vanilja-aromi. 5 x valkoinen tiikeri: valkoinen tee, greippi- ja aloearomi.