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Nordic Deli Marskin à la carte, Marskin Vorschmack 400 g


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Nordic Deli honors both the 90th anniversary of independent Finland and the 140th anniversary of the birth of the Greatest Finn, Marshal of Finland Mannerheim, by bringing the legendary Vorschmack to the market in a delicious and convenient form.

According to legend, Vorschmack was brought to Finland at the beginning of the 20th century by Finnish Marshal Mannerheim, who fell in love with the great taste of Vorschmack herring and meat stew at the Warsaw officers' club.

Vorschmack has an interesting history in Finnish food culture. Its valuable traditions date back to the beginning of the 20th century. This legendary Finnish Marshal Mannerheim's delicacy crowns the festive table, and also celebrates everyday life as an excellent lunch or dinner dish.

Vorschmack has previously only been available in Finland on the á la carte menus of some restaurants, because it is time-consuming to prepare. Nordic Deli now brings Vorschmack within the reach of everyone who wants it, as a ready-to-eat meal.

Nordic Del's Marskin Vorschmack is an easy-to-use full can, where the unique taste of Vorschmack is at its most authentic. The basic ingredients of Marskin Vorschmack are high-quality beef and mutton, and the traditional seasoning of herring adds an interesting touch to the taste of the food. Marskin Vorschmack is a full canned product without additives, which can be stored unopened at room temperature.

Beef, lamb, herring, water, anchovies, soy, black and white pepper, onion, garlic, salt (1.4%), tomato puree and cognac.

Fully canned: Preservative-free
Meat content: 73%
Net weight: 400 g
Sufficient: for 2 people as a main course
For 4 people as a piece of salt
For 6 people as an appetizer

Memo list:
Marskin Vorschmack
Pickled cucumber cubes
Beetroot cubes
Sour cream
Marski's rump (Alko)

Heat Marskin Vorschmack in a pot for about 7 minutes. and let it sit for a while before dosing. Arrange on a plate with potatoes/mashed potatoes, pickles, beetroot and sour cream. Serve on a beautifully set table. A good start is Marski's rump; we recommend cold beer as a food drink.

lihapitoisuus 73%. sillipitoisuus 15%. naudan- ja lampaanliha, Silli (silli, vesi, suola, santeliuute, säilöntäaine (E211), tomaattipyre, Soija, Anjovis, etikka, mausteet (sipuli, valkosipuli, mustapippuri, valkopippuri, muskotti, maustepippuri), aromi (konjakki). suolapitoisuus (1,3 %). gluteeniton.

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