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Myllärin Fruity Muesli organic 375 g


Crispy roasted whole grain, fruit and berries - full of good taste. Mylläri Luomu Fruity cereal muesli, which is crisp and crunchy, is a great breakfast or snack. Enjoy with milk or yogurt, add to your smoothie bowl with berries and fruits, or snack on its own. Also use as a base for cheesecake and for other baking.

Myllärin products are made from carefully selected raw materials. The secret of tasty and high-quality products lies in long traditions, solid professionalism and pure ingredients.

LuomutäysjyväKAURAhiutale (eu), luomuinverttisokeri, luomusokeri, luomutäysjyväVEHNÄhiutale, luomuauringonkukkaöljy, luomumuro (luomuriisi, luomumaissi, luomutäysjyvävehnäjauho, luomusokeri), luomukookoshiutale, luomurusina, luomuomena, luomuvadelma ja merisuola. Kuivattuja hedelmiä ja marjoja 6,5 %.