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Mehukatti Sugar-free Wild strawberry drink concentrate 1+3 1.5L


Juice drink is a thirst quencher for the whole family and a favorite drink for fast-paced birthdays and children's parties. By diluting the package, you can get 6 liters of ready-made delicious juice drink. Mehukatti sugar-free is suitable for everyone! Four tasty flavors.

Vesi, päärynä-ja mansikkatäysmehut tiivisteestä, happamuudensäätöaine (sitruunahappo, omenahappo), aromi, sakeuttamisaine (ksantaanikumi), väri (antosyaani), säilöntäaine (natriumbentsoaatti ja kaliumsorbaatti), makeutusaine (sukraloosi).

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