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Kymppi traditional mämmi 700 g frozen

Tuotteen alin hinta viimeisen 30 päivän aikana: 6,90 EUR
Kymppi-Mämmi is traditionally made by malting rye and rye malt. After thawing ready to use, a high-fiber whole grain product which can be eaten as such. It is traditionally enjoyed with cream or milk and sugar. Custard, curd, yogurt and berries are also suitable for flavoring mämmi. Mämmi is a product suitable for a vegan diet.

Water, RYE flour, RYE malt, syrup, salt, bitter orange peel, preservative (E202)

Nutritional content (per 100 g)

Salt 0.3 g
- of which saturated 0.2 g
Fat 0.9 g
Dietary fiber 8 g
Energy 173 kcal / 725 kJ
Protein 5 g
Lactose 0 g
Carbohydrates 33 g
- of which sugars 10 g

Kymppi-Maukkaat Oy
Ilomäentie 25 37800 AKAA

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