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Mammas Kelinäkki 200g - gluten-free crisp bread with seeds

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Delicious crisp bread made by a local bakery - now gluten-free! Näkkäri is suitable to be enjoyed on its own or with other delicacies.

Manufacturer: Sussis Bageri

Store in a dry place.

Ingredients: linseed, sesame seed, sunflower seed, gluten-free oatmeal and malt, linseed meal, sugar, water, orange peel, Himalayan salt.

Ingredients: linfrö, sesamfrö, solrosfrö, gluten-free oats and malt, linmjöl, socker, vatten, apelsinskal, himalaya salt.

Energy content 100g

energy kcal 386

fat 30g

carbohydrate 71g (of which sugar 3.6g)

protein 3.1g

salt 0.9g