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Lumme Valkopyykki laundry liquid 750ml for white laundry


Lumme Valkopykki is especially suitable for white and light-colored laundry. It is already effective at 40 °C. Lumme Valkopykki gives laundry a fresh, mild scent. Eco-labeled Lumme laundry detergents put less burden on the environment without compromising on effective washing results. The dosage amount of laundry detergent is low thanks to the compact composition. 750 ml of Lumme White laundry is enough for up to 21 washes of normally dirty laundry. Lumme's laundry detergents are vegan-labeled, which means they are completely plant-based and do not contain ingredients of animal origin. Lumme Valkpoyykki is made in a factory that runs on 100% renewable energy. The product is packed in carbon-neutral cardboard packaging. Recycle the packaging as cardboard and the cap as plastic.

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