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Lumene Nordic beauty Christmas calendar 2023

Tuotteen alin hinta viimeisen 30 päivän aikana: 89,90 EUR

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Lumene Pohjoinen 2023 is a luxurious beauty Christmas calendar that contains 24 beloved Lumene cosmetic products! The Christmas calendar really cheers up the wait for Christmas, because each new door reveals a wonderful surprise: the contents contain wonderful skin care products and make-up product favorites. The perfect purchase either as a gift or for daily pampering.

Lumene VALO Brightening & Renewing Night Cream 
Lumene VALO Brightening gel mask 
Lumene VALO Triple Glow Brightening elixir
Lumene VALO Brightening eye cream 
Lumene VALO Brightening night serum 
Lumene SOURCE Moisturizing prebiotic intensive treatment
Lumene SOURCE Moisturizing Treatment Water
Lumene SOURCE Intensive Moisturizing Serum 
Lumene SOURCE Fragrance-free Power Moisturizer 
Lumene SOURCE Oat milk oil cleansing
Lumene TÜYNI Balancing serum
Lumene TYYNI Balancing foaming cleansing cream
Lumene LUMO Smoothing & firming day cream 
Lumene LUMO VITALITY Smoothing & revitalizing night cream 
Lumene LUMO Collagen serum that increases elasticity 
Lumene AJATON Day cream SK30 
Lumene AJATON Night cream
Lumene Invisible Illumination Dewy Glow Moisturizing make-up setting spray 
Lumene Luminous Shine Moisturizing & plumping lip gloss 3 Glossy Clear 
Lumene Stay Definition Mascara
Lumene Overnight Care Eyelash and eyebrow serum
Lumene Brow Care Eyebrow shaping gel 
Lumene Natural Glow Skin tone brightener 5 Cherry Blush (limited edition)
Lumene LUMO Smoothing & firming instant beautifier

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