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Same day shipping! Pågen Limpukka 500g multigrain bread x 3 pcs

6,95€ 13,90€

We got the delivery bread for the wrong day, which we sell at a ridiculous price!

Order today and we'll send fresh bread the same day! Please remember not to order other fresh bread in the same order. Other fresh breads will not be sent until next Monday.

We recommend ordering fresh products DHL EXPRESS or FEDEX PRIORITY - by shipment, in which case the delivery times are not too long in terms of the products' shelf life. You can find the delivery times deliveries - from the site.

Water, WHEAT flour, sifted RYE flour, whole grain RYE flour*, syrup, crushed whole grain RYE*, WHEAT and whole grain RYE dough root* (5%), BARLEY malt, whole grain WHEAT flour*, WHEAT gluten, rapeseed oil, WHEAT bran, scalded whole grain WHEAT flour*, yeast, lingonberries (1.5%), red currant and salt. *Whole grain content: 25%, corresponds to 35% of the grain raw material. Rye content: 31%, corresponds to 43% of the grain raw material.