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Korhonen Karoliina, Matti in the Wallet


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the super popular Finnish Nightmares is making a comeback!

It hasn't been on the hare's back, but now Suomi-Matti is here again. This time, Matti clings to the Finnish language and tells how our beloved northern people communicate. Because the onion! That's onion!

The Finnish Nightmares comics have been a huge success. Almost 60,000 copies of them have been sold in Finland, and their translation rights have been sold to the United States, Japan, South Korea, Estonia and China. The Matti character in the books has even introduced a new word jingfen into the Chinese language, which means "spiritually Finnish".

Some say learning Finnish is like drinking tar. Nonsense! In this book, Finn-Matti bends from iron wire what the most beloved Finnish Idioms mean. Literally.

The Finnish Nightmares books have been Bestsellers worldwide. In China, Finn-Matti has even caused a new word to be coined: "Jingfen", meaning "spiritually Finnish".