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Korhonen, Karoliina: Finnish Nightmares (in English)


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When you have to praise yourself. When your acquaintance greets you with a kiss on the cheek. When you owe a favor. When you're waiting for the bus and it's pouring, but someone is already under the canopy. When the coffee is finished.
That's when it happens. A Finnish uncomfortable moment.
The main character of the Finnish Nightmares books is Matti, who loves silence and personal space. If someone gets nervous or behaves inappropriately, they look in the mirror.
The books contain more than 60 insightful comic strips about what it's like to be Finnish in social situations. For a foreigner, the book opens up an unwritten code that can be difficult to notice, but which all of us Finns know.

ISBN 9789523002227
Outfit Bound
Number of pages approx. 100
Illustration Four-color cartoon illustration

The work is in English.

A Finnish version of the book will be published at the same time under the name Suomalaiten painajaiset.

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