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Jalostaja Spinach soup 350ml


Jalostaja's Spinach soup reminds me of the most popular vegetable dishes of my childhood - in an easy-to-grab package. The soft fluffy spinach soup is ready in just a few minutes and will be delicious for all the gourmets in the house.

The ready-to-eat soups made in Finland, packed in bags, are ready to be consumed without heating, either as such or seasoned to your own taste. Soups can be kept unopened at room temperature for a long time. In the versatile selection, you will find many tasty ready-made soups that can easily be prepared in a water bath, which makes them perfect to serve in hectic everyday life.

Vesi, pinaatti (12 %), palmuöljy, muunneltu maissitärkkelys, MAITOPROTEIINIi, suola, sokeri, aromi (pinaatti), sakeuttamisaine (ksantaanikumi), väri (E141). Suolapitoisuus 0,8 %.