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Grandma's best pastries & breads


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In Grandma's best baked goods and breads book, you have adventures in the kitchens of different decades.

Nowadays, there is no need to offer the seven kinds of pastries on the coffee table anymore, but many traditional delicacies can be baked from the time of grandmothers, which bring sweet childhood memories to the tongue. Paris pastries, Kulkurin kakku, snadderpai, kulibjaka, cockle pies, rätänäs, rieska, wheat breads, breads, tarts, cakes and many other delicious delicacies of the old days can still be tasted today.

In the book you will also find many recipes that are suitable to serve all year round. Traditional sweet and savory Finnish pastries from grandmothers' kitchens, from different decades.

Authors: Spåra, Sari (Author)
Publisher and imprint: Readme.fi
Edition: 2021
Release year: 2021
Product format: Hardcover book
Language Finnish
Number of pages and illustrations: 220
Illustration, color

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