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Iittala Aalto bowl 75mm clear

Tuotteen alin hinta viimeisen 30 päivän aikana: 34,91 EUR

The pioneer of modern design, Alvar Aalto, combined clear modern design and the expertise of craftsmen when creating classic interior items that combine functionality with sculptural form. The influence of Finnish nature can be seen in the main theme of Aalto's design, the asymmetrical wave shape. It has become one of the timeless representatives of Nordic design after receiving international attention at the 1937 Paris World's Fair. Each Aalto bowl is made individually in a multi-stage production process at the Iittala glass factory. The smallest vessel in the Alvar Aalto collection, the 75 mm clear Aalto bowl, is suitable for serving sauces and desserts. It is also suitable for storing small items or jewelry. Multi-purpose clear glass is suitable as a home decoration element and table setting. The perfect gift for a birthday hero, a wedding couple or a new home.

  • Hand wash only

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