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Fiskars Hard Face frying pan 26cm 2.8L with lid

Tuotteen alin hinta viimeisen 30 päivän aikana: 87,92 EUR

The Fiskars Hard Face series is designed for even the most demanding everyday cooking.

This 26 cm wide frying pan with a lid is a masterpiece of modern design. The thick aluminum frame of the frying pan heats up efficiently and evenly. Therefore, it is perfect for all kinds of frying and, for example, preparing dishes with sauces thanks to its high edges.

The non-stick four-layer Hardtec Superior+™ PTFE coating is now even longer-lasting and scratch-resistant and does not contain PFOA and PFOS compounds. The handle guarantees a good grip and stays wonderfully cool. The frying pan has a cleverly designed and quiet silicone-edged glass lid with two different pouring features. Paistokasar has a coated and innovative energy base that makes cooking 50% faster and saves energy by up to 30% with ceramic stoves.

Works with all types of stoves and is machine washable. Oven safe up to 150 degrees. Withstands a maximum baking temperature of 240 degrees. Designed and manufactured in Finland.

Width 48.3 cm

Length 27.2 cm

Height 11.2 cm

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