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Finlayson: Star Moomin Sleeping bag 90x250


The sleeping bag is a great innovation and everyday design at its best: It's a fitted sheet, a light blanket and a pillowcase in the same package. A sleeping bag is an indoor sleeping bag, standard equipment for small and large travelers, which makes life easier for both the overnight visitor and the hostess or host. A sleeping bag is a perfect piece of equipment and spare for your home, cabin, boat or, for example, a mobile home.

When you go on a trip, grab a sleeping bag that fits in a small space under your arm and roll it open when you go to sleep. Slip the pillow into the pillowcase pocket and the sleeping bag is ready for use. During the trip, you can make a travel pillow out of, for example, a folded sweater. Throw the sleeping bag in the washing machine between trips and wash it at 60 degrees.

The sleeping bag is now available in the anniversary Tähtimoomin patterns, the light blanket and pillowcase are patterned, the bed sheet is monochrome. Moomins have many reasons to celebrate. In 2020, the Moomins will celebrate their 75th anniversary and Finlayson will celebrate its 200th anniversary. In Tähti Moomin patterns in Moomin Valley, a big August party is organized in honor of finding Moominamma's lost handbag. Tiuhti and Viuhti have got the place of honor on the table as the bag finders. Tables wobble and rockets flash in the sky in the dark summer night. Tiuhti and Viuhti decide to liven up the party even more by revealing the king ruby in their suitcase, which immediately enchants the entire party crowd.

The fabric of the Tähtimuumi sleeping bag is high-quality and durable organic 100% cotton paltin and the filling of the quilted light blanket is 100% polyester wadding. The upper part of the sleeping bag has a pocket for a pillow and the other long side is suitably open at the top to make it easier to slip into the bag, the lower part is bag-like. There is no zipper on the side. The raised edges of the upper part bring durability and a finished look. There are strips sewn to the bottom edge, which can be used to tie the sleeping bag into a tight roll.

Why Sleeping Bag? Finlayson's first duvet covers were manufactured in 1964 in Tampere. The bag sheet was a new product and was initially also called a cover bag and a sleeping bag. The story goes that the first users slipped into a duvet cover instead of a blanket to sleep inside. So be it. The design of the duvet cover has not changed much since those times, the biggest discussion in the Nordic countries has mainly been caused by the duvet covers, which lack hand openings at the top to make it easier to thread the blanket inside the duvet cover. We at Finlayson decided to approach the duvet cover with an open mind, get to know its history and look at it with new eyes. The Sleeping Bag was born. Finlayson's Moomin products are designed based on Tove Jansson's original drawings and are genuine © Moomin Characters™ license products.

Note! Product images are just an example and the final product may look different.