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Finlayson: Rose Moomin Duvet cover set 150X210+50X60


- 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton - cotton paltina, thread count 152 TC - durable and easy to care for - pleasant on the skin - product comes with a five-year warranty. Finally, when Moomin reaches Moominamma, it is noticed that the milk has turned into buttermilk in the tonka. The Ruusuumumi bed sheet set is made of cotton paltin with a thread count or fabric density (TC) of 152 TC, which indicates the tightness of the fabric. The higher the thread count, the denser the woven fabric. Cotton palttina is a fabric that is easy to care for, feels pleasant on the skin, and withstands wear and tear at a washing temperature of 60 degrees. Cotton wool is a safe and reliable choice for bed textiles. The top of the fitted sheet has convenient hand openings to make it easier to put the fitted sheet on top of the blanket. Ruusumuumi is available as a normal-sized duvet cover set and a children's duvet cover set. Check out other Moomin products as well. We give the product a five-year warranty. ©Moomin Characters™ license product.

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