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Finlayson Hooded Towel Palmumuumi 70x125 cm


Even the smallest of the family will love to wrap themselves in the Palmmooumi hooded towel after a bath or, say, a small dip.

In the playful Palm Moomin patterns, the Moomins are in a tropical mood. Moomin, Niiskuneiti and Little Myy enjoy summer and water games in the sunshine. Samu has also arrived in angling to be accompanied by Moomin. The surface of the Palmmooumi hooded towel is printed, velvety smooth terrycloth, the inside of the towel is gently drying soft terrycloth, which feels comfortable even against sensitive skin. The hooded towel is made of 100% cotton. Also check out the Palmumuumi bathrobe.

The product has the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX certificate, which guarantees that the product is safe for the user and does not contain harmful chemicals.

Finlayson's Moomin products are designed based on Tove Jansson's original drawings and are genuine © Moomin Characters™ license products.