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Fazer x Novita Sukkalehti winter 2023


Fazer's sweets inspired knitters to participate in droves in the reader competition organized by Novita, and one magazine was not enough to showcase their talent!

Fazer's sweets, Salmiaks and nostalgic caramels were the main characters in the most popular sock magazine of autumn 2022, and now chocolates, cookies and licorice are getting their own publication. The packaging, shapes and colors of the delicacies have been transformed in the skillful hands of the knitters into wonderful lace, braided, embroidered and knitted socks, whose creativity knows no bounds. In the magazine you will find instructions for women's, children's and men's socks. In addition to the reader models, the collection is completed by sweet sock models from favorite designers.

Knitting these socks will give you cravings!