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Fazer Novelty Box Winter 2023


The Fazer Novelty Box contains all Fazer’s most interesting new sweets of winter 2023. The box has enough treats for the whole family. The Fazer Novelty Box also makes a great gift.

The box contains the following products:

  • Suffeli Mini Crispy Snacks 170g.
  • Kismet Raspberry Yoghurt 41g.
  • Karl Fazer Raisin & Almond with crispy puffs tablet 143g.
  • Lumi Pantteri Fruit pastilles 70g.
  • Ässä Mix & Match candy bag 380g.
  • Remix Salmiakki salty licorice bag 230g.
  • Dumle fudge bag 160g.
  • Karl Fazer Cinnamon bun chocolate tablet 185g.