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Fazer Novelty Box Winter 2024

Tuotteen alin hinta viimeisen 30 päivän aikana: 24,90 EUR

The Fazer Winter 2024 novelty box brings together winter's most interesting confectionery novelties!

The box is an insane package and it contains everything good, such as the new mini-sized Remix Mini bags, Kismet Pätkis chocolate bars in two pieces, the retro delicacy Susu Snacks Minttu bag, the new Karl Fazer Pretzel chocolate bar, one Pätkis Crunchy Protein bar and one Dumle Crunchy Protein bar! The new Rouskuva Karl Fazer Pretzel is guaranteed to be on many people's minds, and it will also become your new favorite chocolate 🍫

There is enough to share from the versatile box of goodies for the whole family. The Fazer Novelty Box is also an excellent gift to give to an important person 🎁💙 Order the Fazer novelty box and be among the first to taste the winter Fazer novelties.

The Winter Novelty Box contains these treats:

  • 1 x Karl Fazer Pretzel chocolate bar 180 g,
  • 1 x Pätkis Crunchy Protein bar 45g,
  • 1 x Dumle Crunchy Protein bar 45g,
  • 2 x Kismet Pätkis chocolate bar 41g,
  • 1 x Susu Snacks Mint bag 160g,
  • 1 x Remix Mini Choco candy bag 100g,
  • 1 x Remix Mini Sour candy bag 120g,
  • 1 x Remix Mini Minis candy bag 120g.

Note! Product images are just an example and the final product may look different.