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Fazer Alku Carrot cake granola 375 g


This spicy granola takes you directly from baking to a familiar world of flavors!
Fazer Alku Carrot cake granola is a crunchy snack granola made from 100% domestic whole-grain oats, which is perfect for the breakfast table, as a snack or for example baking into muffins or cake bases.

Carrot cake granola has two types of granola: honey granola and granola flavored with cinnamon and cardamom. In addition, rusks and sweet carrot pieces and large coconut chips with a creamy texture have been added to the product. The sweetness comes from the honey used to make the granola. The product contains protein (10 g/100 g) and fiber (7 g/100 g). The package is easy to open and close and has a handy pouring spout. The cardboard packaging has a biodegradable window and can be completely recycled in the cardboard collection.

TäysjyväKAURAhiutale, hunaja, rypsiöljy, paahdettu kookoslastu 6 %, kuivattu porkkana 4 % (glukoosisiirappi, porkkanasose), kaneli, jodioitu merisuola, kardemumma. VALMISTETTU MYLLYSSÄ, JOSSA KÄSITELLÄÄN VEHNÄÄ.

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