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Blå Band Mango Passion Mousse 2x58g


Blå Band desserts are ready in no time, mixed with cold water or frothed with milk. Desserts can be enjoyed as they are or they can be used in baking as fillings or mousses. Old-time Vanilla sauce contains real vanilla and is frying-resistant.

Sokeri, glukoosisiirappi, palmuydinrasva (kokonaan kovetettu), liivate, emulgointiaineet (E 471, E 472a), hedelmät (3,5 %) (mango (1,9 %), passionhedelmä (1,6 %)), MAITOPROTEIINI, maltodekstriini, happo (sitruunahappo), stabilointiaine (E 340), väriaine (betakaroteeni), aromi, suola.