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Arabia - Moomin Mug "Ancestor"


In the illustration of the Moomin mug, the mysterious Ancestor - an ancient ancestor Moomin goblin is on an adventure. He's small and furry and can't talk. He lives in the Moomin House salon behind the tiled stove and only moves at night. The ancestor sometimes modifies the furniture in the living room to suit his own taste, e.g. by turning the boards upside down. Moomin meets Ancestor for the first time in the book Magical Winter.

Care instructions

In the Arabic dish, the food can be prepared in the oven. When using the oven, the bottom of the container must be covered with liquid or food during the entire heating period. Temperature maximum 250 degrees, distance from grill resistors at least 10 cm. Not without cooling to the freezer, not directly from the freezer to hot.

You can put Arabia's dishes in the microwave when you want to thaw frozen treats or heat dishes. You save time and effort when your same Arabia goes for everything.

Arabia dishes can withstand the cold, as long as you remember to cool the food before putting it in the freezer. The same applies the other way around, i.e. don't put the serving dish directly from freezing to a hot oven. However, do not freeze liquids in containers, as they expand when frozen.

The glaze gives the dish a beautiful appearance and a durable surface. When you follow the dosing instructions for machine washing and fabric softeners, you can keep all Arabia products as bright and shiny as possible.