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Aarikka - Winter Buddy Skier blue


"I'm a Winter Friend Skier and my favorite sport is, of course, skiing. I enjoy the winter postcard landscapes and the atmosphere created by the snowy trees against the blue sky. When you have a warm scarf around your neck and a beanie with tassels on your head, you won't feel cold. Now to ski!”

The lovely, wooden Talvikaveri Hiihäjä table decoration repeats Aarika's traditional round shape language and elegantly simple design. Talvikaveri Hiihtäjä is suitable as a table decoration, a setting for a window, a gift for lovers of high-quality handicrafts and for all skiers and those who enjoy winter.

Material: Maple, birch, felt. Height 8 cm.
Made by hand in Finland.

Note! Product images are just an example and the final product may look different.