VALO24h Roasted Ground Linseed + Blueberry 300g



VALO 24 h flaxseed + blueberry contains plenty of antioxidants which prevent the activity of free radicals that are harmful for cells in the human system.

One tablespoon (10 g) of VALO 24h – flaxseed + blueberry product covers the daily need of omega-3. Omega-3 is necessary for i.a. growth and development and also for building material to all the cells in the human system. The sufficient intake of omega-3 (2g per day) helps to maintain normal blood cholesterol level.

Flaxseed fibers activate stomach. Flaxseed contains both insoluble and soluble fiber. Insoluble fiber (2/3) helps with constipation. The soluble fiber (1/3) balances the rise of blood sugar after meal and increases the feeling of satiety. In addition consumption of VALO24h roasted ground flaxseed helps to maintain the normal blood cholesterol level by binding bile acids.

The product is suitable for low-carbohydrate diet and for people with celiac disease.

Ingredients: Finnish Roasted Flaxseed (85 %), Finnish Blueberry (10 %), sugar, malt dextrin and sunflower oil.

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