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Valio Onni ™ porridges and pellets are made from fresh Finnish milk, in collaboration with pediatricians. All porridges and pellets are ready to use and are suitable for a child's diet from the age of 4-8 months. The milk base of the products is similar in composition to the infant formula. All porridges and some of the bran are additive-free and do not contain added salt or preservatives or dyes. No sucrose has been used in Valio Onni ™ products. The sweetness of Valio Happiness comes from lactose in milk. No sugar has been added to the milk-based Valio Onni ™ porridges, and even the non-dairy porridges are only lightly sweetened with fruit sugar.


water, apple juice, whole grain flour and flakes (10% OATS, BARLEY, RYE, WHEAT), raspberries (6%), blueberries (6%), fruit sugar, rapeseed and sunflower oil, vitamins A, D3, E, thiamine, niacin , B6, folic acid, C), minerals (calcium, iron, zinc, iodine).

Nutritional content

Nutritional value per 100 g% RDA *
Energy content (kJ) 300
Energy content (kcal) 700.00
Fat (g) = 2.4000.00
which you are satisfied with. fatty acids (g) = 0.2000.00
Carbohydrates (g) = 11.0000.00
of which sugars (g) = 5,200
Dietary fiber (g) = 1.6000.00
Protein (g) = 1.3000.00
Vitamin A (µg) 45.00006.00
Vitamin D (µg) 0.900018.00
Vitamin E (mg) 0.60005.00
Vitamin C (mg) 10.000013.00
Thiamine B1 (mg) 0.10009.00
Niacin (mg) 0.90006.00
Vitamin B6 (mg) 0.08006.00
Folic acid (µg) 10.00005.00
Calcium (mg) 30.00004.00
Iron (mg) 0.90006.00
Zinc (mg) 0.40004.00
Iodine (µg) 8.00005.00
* daily intake reference value

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