TOLU Cherry Blossom General purpose cleaner 750ml


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Tolu Cherry blossom is an innovative universal cleanser, which, thanks to its 6-effective composition, eliminates the smallest scratches and returns the original shine of the surface. Skin-friendly (dermatologically tested), pH-neutral. Pleasant scent of cherry blossom. Effective for grease and dirt removal.

Use: Wipe the surface to be cleaned with the washing solution. Can be used as diluted or undiluted (difficult to drip). No need to rinse or dry. – Basic cleaning: 1 1/2 cork / 5l water. Severe stains: Moisten the cloth with detergent, squeeze and wipe.

The undiluted Tolu Cherry blossom general cleaner has a pH of 7.2.

Environmental Information: Phosphate, contains biodegradable surfactants (OECD test 301). The entire packaging is recyclable.

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