OUTLET 3 BOXES Licorice and Fruit Assorted Sweets 1kg


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Ingredients: socker, glucose-fructose syrup, socker syrup, water syrup, glucose syrup, potassium starch, cotton wool, liquorice extract, gelatin, Salmiak (ammonium chloride), surhetsreglerande medel (E330, E331), E60, E2, E4, E1 härdat kokosfett, förtjockningsmedel (E412), salt, cocoa powder, canned food (E202), safflorkoncentrat, ytbehandlingsmedel (E901). Can be defective in the final / form product.

Nutritional content / 100 g
Energy 330 kcal / 1400 Kj
Fat 0.5 g
-of which 0.2 g saturated fat
Carbohydrate 79 g
-of which sugars 60 g
Protein 2.6 g

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