Sunnuntai Dried yeast 4 x 11g



Sunday dry yeast:

* Ready to use, very durable in baker’s yeast, which is added to the doughs preferably mixed with the flour.

* The most suitable operating temperatures are 42 ° C, i.e., the dough liquid is slightly warmer than the fresh yeast (37 ° C) for baking.

* Dry yeast is raised, it is recommended that all of the ingredients in the bakery are at room temperature, that temperature would drop the dough during the formatting process and slow down the increase. If your kitchen is cool, can bring a warm mixing bowl filled with water, the water in the pool for the rising phase.

* Sunday-dry yeast has been administered to 11 g bags. Together, the bag has an appropriate amount of dry yeast, 5 dl or sämpylätaikinaan 2 1/2 cup of the bun dough.

* Pack sizes: 4 x 11 g and 10 x 11 g.

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