Semper 125g Pofiber gluten-free potato fibre



Gluten-free fine potato fiber with excellent liquid-binding ability. It gives the pastries juiciness and improves their preservability. Potato fiber can be used in many ways in cooking, for example for paning meat and fish, in a baking tin instead of breadcrumbs, in dough to bind moisture instead of an egg, and as a fiber supplement in sweet and savory baking. Pofiber contains 65% dietary fiber, of which 2/3 is water-insoluble and 1/3 water-soluble. For this reason, Pofiber allows a receiver to get both water-insoluble fiber, that promotes the intestinal function and water-soluble fiber that affects to metabolism. Water-soluble fiber slows down the absorption of nutrients and prevents, for example, a rapid rise of blood sugar. Fits low FODMAP diet.

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