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Chick candles are delightful with their lively appearance. The chick candle has a yellow bottom and an orange brush on top of the head. The black eyes and red beak are painted on the drop by hand. This chick candle pack contains four small candles packed in a virtuous egg cell. Honeycomb chick candles are a fun gift especially for Easter.

Thanks to the high-quality paraffin and cotton heart thread, the egg candle burns beautifully and cleanly in about 4 hours.

Since 1976, all of our candles have been handcrafted. Our candle factory is located near Jyväskylä in Vaajakoski.

Candle burning tip:
Observe the burning of the chick candle especially when the candle has burned past its widest point. Due to its oval shape, this candle may drain.

Chick candle pack
Color: Yellow, orange, white and black
Composition: 100% paraffin
Size: Candle diameter 3.5 cm. The height of the candle is 6 cm.
Candle burning time: 4 hours

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