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The classic game in a new outfit.

A classic for more than 60 years! Since 1951, “African Star” has been most popular board game in Finland. A game version of old adventure novels, it continues to entertain Finns from young age. If lucky, you can fly from one treasure to another with pockets full of money but is unlucky, you’ll run into bandits and empty mines during your expeditions.

In essence, the game is a roll-and-move board game, simple enough for players starting from 4 years of age, but equally entertaining for the whole family. Players travel through Africa in search of the famous diamond, the Star of Africa. The diamond is hidden in one of the upside down game markers. Besides the famous diamond, the markers might reveal other jewels. They are worth some game money but do not win the game as the diamond does. The markers also include less pleasant surprises such as the bandits.

The original game has remained almost unchanged. However, this deluxe version includes some modernisation to the materials used: the game board is more durable and it can be folded for easier storage. The game markers in the original game are made of paperboard whereas the deluxe version includes thicker and tougher plastic markers – “almost” like real diamonds and more difficult to mark.

Includes game rules in Finnish, Swedish, Estonian and English.

Suggested age 4+
Game Length 20 min
Player Count 2–6
Dimensions 34,5 x 25,5 x 5 cm
Weight 850 g

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