Oululaisen Hapankorppu Rye crisp bread 740g

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Whole grain rye flour, rye bran, yeast, salt and water. Fiber rich. Used in baking flour is 100% whole grain rye.
Does not contain nuts / almonds Does not contain eggs, no added sugar, lactose-free, no additives, high fiber content, does not include milk, no soy, no preservatives, suitable for a vegetarian diet

Protein 13 grm
Carbohydrates 59 grm
of which sugars 1.4 grm
of which lactose 0 grm
Fat 2.5 grm
of which saturates 0.3 grm
Dietary fiber 18 grm
Sodium 0.6 grm

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Weight 0.95 kg

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