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Novita 7 Brother is Finland's most popular and well-known yarn. Behind decades of popularity are the ideal composition of the yarn and the right kind of twist. The composition of 7 Brother yarns is 75% warming wool and 25% polyamide, which gives the yarn durability. The yarn is versatile for a variety of knitting jobs, especially wool socks, and can be used in international knitting guidelines that recommend Aran-strong yarns. About 600 grams of yarn is needed for a women's size M sweater, and one ball is enough for women's basic socks. Products can be machine washed at 40 degrees. Needle recommendation 4, needles for socks 3.5. The recommended needle for Aran-strength yarns is 5. There are 200 meters of yarn in a 100 gram ball. Key ticket product.

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