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White tea from China has won its place in the hearts of tea drinkers. This assortment of four different flavors tastes like blueberry muffin, pear orchard, grapefruit-strawberry and grapefruit aloe.

White Bear
Ingredients: white tea, spray flower, blueberry muffin aroma.

White Elephant
Ingredients: white tea, apple, pear and grenadine aroma.

White Dragon
Ingredients: white tea, grapefruit, strawberry and vanilla aroma.

White Tiger
Ingredients: white tea, grapefruit and alo aroma.

Weight: 20 x 1.50 g (30 g)


5 x white bear: white tea, blueberry muffin flavouring. 5 x white elephant: white tea, apple-, pear- and grenadine flavouring. 5 x white dragon: white tea, grapefruit-, strawberry- and vanilla flavouring. 5 x white tiger: white tea, grapefruit- and aloe flavouring.

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