Nestlé NAN 2 – Follow-on formula 0,5l x 6 pcs

Follow-on formulas. Ready to use, milk-based.

From 6 months

NAN 2 can be given at 6 months of age as a natural part of diversifying diet. NAN 2 Follow-on formulas are not intended as a substitute for infant under 6 months of age.

NAN contains two long-chain omega -3 ( DHA) and omega- 6 ( ARA) fatty acids.

Please note that the recipe of the product may change. Time -to-date information can be found at the product packaging

Water, nonfat milk , maltodextrin , vegetable oils, lactose , whey protein , emulsifier (soy lecithin ), fish oil, minerals (sodium, potassium , calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc , iodine , copper, manganese , selenium ), vitamins (A, D, E, , K, C , thiamin , riboflavin , niacin , vitamin B6 , folic acid , vitamin B12 , biotin , pantothenic acid ) .

Manufacture :
Shake the container.
Pour the required amount of NAN2 to clean baby bottle .
Heat in a microwave oven – without the lid , and a pacifier – about ½ minutes.
Always taste the follow-on formulas before feeding the child.
The product can also drink cold.

The remaining part can not be used later on, or heated again . Do not put the container in a microwave oven .

Storage :
Unopened at room temperature , see the above date indication on the packaging . After opening in the refrigerator covered for up to 1 day . Use only the correct packaging. Freezing is not recommended.

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