Nestlé NAN 1 – Infant formula 2dl



Infant formula. Ready to use , milk-based .

from birth

NAN 1 is suitable for infants from consumption from birth, when the child is not breastfed .

Omega 3 & 6
NAN 1 contains the omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (DHA ) and omega-6 ( ARA) .

Please note that the recipe of the product may change. Time -to-date information can be found at the product packaging

Water, skim milk, lactose , vegetable oils, heraproteinii , emulsifier ( soy lecithin) , fish oil, maltodextrin, L-phenylalanine , acidity regulator (citric acid ), taurine, inositol , nucleotides (adenosine 5′ -monophosphate , cytidine 5′ -monophosphate , guanosine 5 ‘ – monophosphate , uridine 5’ – monophosphate ), L- histidine, L – carnitine , minerals (sodium, potassium , calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc , iodine , copper, manganese, selenium) , vitamins ( A, D , E, K A, C, thiamin , riboflavin , niacin , vitamin B6 , folic acid , biotin , pantothenic acid ) .

Manufacture :
Carefully follow the instructions given in the packaging.
Shake the container.
Pour the required amount of substitutes to a clean and boiled flask.
Hold the bottle in warm water for a couple of minutes .
A bottle can also be heated in a microwave oven – without the cap and nipple – about ½ minutes depending on the number of substitutes being heated and the efficiency of the furnace.
Shake, allow heat to flatten out .
Always taste the substitute before feeding the child.

Do not leave your child alone for the meal. Food may stick to the child’s throat.
If after the meal formula is left, it can not be used later on, and then heated again . Packaging must not be placed in the microwave .

Storage :
Unopened at room temperature, see the above date indication on the packaging . After opening in the refrigerator covered for up to 1 day. Use only flawless packaging. Freezing is not recommended.

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