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A new kind of puzzle in which the picture is formed in a vertical position in a separate Moomin tower. The package includes three different Moomin-themed puzzles, each with four pieces. An evolving and versatile puzzle game!

Assemble the puzzle in a new way, vertically! Put the pieces in the correct order on the stand and the image will start to form. If you place the pieces in the wrong order, the wrong piece will fall off the bottom of the Moomin Tower. A new kind of puzzle is not only fun but also educational. It develops reasoning ability, teaches shape recognition, and improves finger dexterity. The puzzle encourages you to try different solutions until the right order is found.

Includes three four-piece puzzles with pictures of the Moomin Troll on a trip, the Moomin Papa fishing and the adorable Niiskuneid. Joy of assembling moments!

Material Plastic (ABS)
Recommended age 18 months + / months + / months +
Dimensions Pkt./Förp./Box 18.5 x 33 x 7.5 cm
Weight 0.56 kg

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