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The blue jar set is a traditional cotton tower, but it forms the Moomin House. A 55 cm high house can be assembled from jars and a roof piece to be placed on top. The jars are numbered and always patterned with a picture of a Moomin House resident peeking out of the window.

… No Moomin House locked for the night, hey Moomins… A fun traditional cotton tower set suitable for a child of many ages. The set has seven numbered jars that can be conveniently stored or arranged nested. When the boats assemble a tower, it becomes the High Moomin House.

The bottom jar has a lower door and a picture of Mrs. Vilijonka with her children. On the second floor, the Tuu stitch sits on top of the canopy. From the window on the third floor, Moomin looks out to sea, and from the fourth window, Snuffbox looks thoughtful. The window of the fifth jar shows Stinky, in the sixth jar there is a sweet Snake with pearls around his neck. On the top, seventh floor, a witty Little Sell stands by the window. When the tower is finished, a separate piece of roof will be placed on top of it, at which point the house will be ready!

The jar set is a versatile and educational toy that does not take up much space in the children's room. Stackable jars offer a challenge for the little ones and only the imagination is the limit when playing with the jars: in addition to the tower and the Moomin House, they can also be pots, dishes, parts of the tower, hats - whatever you can think of. For the little Moomin fan!

Material Plastic (PVC)
Age recommendation 0+
Dimensions 11 x 22 x 10.5 cm
Weight 280 g

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