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Atmospherically colorful coffee jar with an airtight lid. The height of the tin can is 20 cm. In the patterns of the jar, the people of Moomin Valley are preparing for the autumn harvest festival. Collect the whole set, either as a gift with a coffee packet or in your own home.

There is an autumn festival in the Moomin Valley. In the darkening evening, the paper lanterns hung here and there are twinkling, and Moomin is clearly going to hang more of them. The others are already in the festive mood: the snorkel is lowering the slide, there is a crowd on the dance floor, Nipsu is trying to say something out loud and Moominpa is looking thoughtful looking around. Moominmamma has an apron full of fruit: what delicious can she still make of them? Mrs. Vilijonkka, on the other hand, seems to be already leaving: can she just take the children to sleep and then go back to the party? The atmospheric and cheerful autumn festival invites you to join in and enjoy!

The hinged lid of the tin coffee can has a convenient lock and a plastic seal that makes the can airtight. The airtight jar is dimensioned according to the standard 500 g coffee package. With an airtight lid and lock, the coffee stays fresh longer. The jar should be washed by hand and dried thoroughly. The coffee jar can be used on its own or it can be put together into a beautiful whole together with other products in the Autumn Festival series.

Moomin-like joy and order in the kitchen!

Material sheet metal
Washing instructions Hand wash and dry thoroughly
Dimensions 15 x 20 x 8 cm
Weight 260 g

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