LV – Liquid laundry soap for the childrens clothes 1,5 litres



Non-perfumed and colorless LV childrens laundry detergent is a liquid laundry detergent specially designed for baby and young children's laundry, which effectively removes the stains and smells of the smallest laundry in the family and prevents the laundry from rubbing. The LV Pikkuväki washing fluid is particularly effective for protein and starch-based stains such as milk, porridge and potato peels. The composition also works well with fruits and pectin.

The detergent composition allows the product to effectively and effectively neutralize dandruff, pistachio and cider tracts and neutralize their odors. Laundry detergent is also well suited for washing the elastic jackets. The composition is effective at low temperatures.

1.5 l / 33 wash cycles (soft water)

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Weight 2,00 kg

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